The first email was considered to be the only means of communication, but with the development of information technology, it has developed very much. At present, a large number of small businesses from various countries of the world are e-mail marketing to promote their products and to promote their sites and services. Email Marketing has many advantages. The benefits of email marketing are given below:

With e-mail marketing, earning money and making money in a short time.
Web marketing does not require much money for email marketing.
You do not need to pay a higher standard hosting fee for the email marketing business.
E-mail marketing can be used to earn revenues from the organization by writing a review or referee for other organizations.
How is email marketing done?
A website that requires email marketing, marketing tools and products or services. If you want to sell your products like eBooks and tutorials, or you can earn commissions by selling other products or by referring to different types of organizations or mentioning visitors to another place. Here’s a very important topic and this is your membership number. If you have only ten customers, then you can not earn from this. For this reason, first you have to increase the number of customers. Remember, the more customers you have, the more money you can make and the more you can create new revenue streams. Through email marketing, you will be able to expose your product and service to thousands of customers and this will make your product popular. As a result, your products will be sold more and more automatically. Currently there are many popular web sites in the world which have only one main page and they earn a lot of money through email marketing only.

Success in marketing
Malaysia: Fahiro Abdullah Chishti (25). Visit Malaysia to study. But he did not stop studying only. Successful businessmen succeeded through online marketing. Fahrira, who is collecting the girls ‘daily products, is reaching customers’ homes through online market. And that’s why he has a Facebook page called Arpita Creation, through which he is running this online business. Their online products include three-piece, two-piece, jeans, handbags, purses, necklaces, shoes, earrings, burqa, long-gowns, girls’ cosmetics, facewash, mobile phone’s selfie stand, show-piece etc. He is going to continue his online bikini as well as his studies. Her mother is cooperating with her from Bangladesh When asked about this, Fahira exploded in a big way that there is no alternative to online marketing in this era of globalization. People do not want to have trouble before. Science has brought the world to the fore. The product is now on bikini by Facebook or Twitter. Since I was a marketing student, so I thought, why would I run away? Sarees designed by people to buy interest in Bangladesh when Facebook gave a very good order to design sarees. Then the order quantity was increasing day by day. Then I opened the page called ‘Arpita Creation’. Through this page people order their favorite products. I’ll mail them all together. On being asked about the purpose and purpose of life, Fahiro Abdullah said, after the end of the study, I will pay full attention to this online business. Make it grow in response to a question that buyers bought your product – Fahrira said, “My thinking, art and taste are the choices of buyers. There were many buyers of my product to stay in Bangladesh. I bought the product. There are currently around 22,000 likes on my Facebook page. There are many buyers in Bangladesh, who now produce products from Malaysia. As a result, customers do not get any adulterated product from me, rather, they get the original product of the band, he said. Fahrira was employed by the mobile operated company Bangalink Customer Care to stay in the country. She has done part-time jobs in Malaysia as well as studying in Malaysia. Traveling to the shopping complex, selecting them, picking up the product, putting a photo on the Facebook page. In September 2014, Fohera was admitted to International Inter-University of Malaysia.In addition to the founding director of P Arpita Creation, she is a Bangladeshi student The union is also a member of Malaysia.

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