At a glance, internal customization has no roots.
As previously mentioned, Seo has 2 types of internal and external customization. Does not seem to be a new name, in fact on the synonym of page seo and off-page seo More discussion on first page seo Therefore, think about the basics of On page seo and keep it in front of you in a different way, this will help you understand. And the second reason to recap on On page seo is that Google now focuses on page optimization. There was a time when ranking could only be possible when thousands of backlinks were made, but now that day is not, Google is very smart now, so you have to overarm now, but definitely the fair use. Black Hat Seo is dead

Internal optimization means how you link to other pages of your website, how do keyword density, page errors are free, whether the page is broken, etc. It is often seen that as a result of increasing the linking structure of the normal page or keyword density, your page may come from page 2 to page 1 on the first page.

What is Backlink?
Suppose you have two sites and the name of the site is A and B. Also, if there is a link to Site A, then click on Site B to go to B – in this case there is a backlink on Site B and it has been given to backlink site A, site B.

There can be NoFollow or Dofollow tags in the Backlink. Generally, if you backlink a site, if the search engine comes to crowd your site, then it will link and crawl and if your page has a page rank, then according to the ratio, the page rank There will be some amount that can be linked back. Now think that you do not want to backlink anyone, but someone came to your site and commented on it and got a link inside it – then it got a backlink from your site. Now if you want a page rank or link juice backlink, you can do so – you can keep these links Nofollow. The rules for writing Nofollow are:

Site Name
. This is mainly used by readers of various blogging sites, which prevents spammers or unwanted visitors from increasing their site page rank. It discourages spammers to provide unwanted comments. However, in the case of spam prevention, nofollow is not good to use, readers will be encouraged to provide comments and their contact with the site will be more. Google again sees if you have a Dolphol link for a low quality site, Google can still pay you off.

Page rank
This is Google’s standard for determining the value of the webpage. Many things depend on this. However, the page rank and search engine rank are different but different. It is possible to achieve top page rank in the search engine. It is not so important now. If you search Google you will find a lot of information about it.

So before starting a job, look at the list below. Is this tag used properly or is this content okay? If you have it, give it a good deal.

1% to 5% keyword density
Meta Description
Domain / Filename
Create a Sitemap for example: Image Sitemap, Video Sitemap, Text Sitemap etc.
Reduce site loading time
Use breadcrumb
Internal linking
This is the link that is used to move one page of your website to another page.
Google Anchor decides which types of navigation or pages are navigating to pages.
Anchor text is written as:
Anchor text
The more links you have on any of your pages, Google will give the same importance to that page.
Internal linking

See if the linking pattern of your page is such, then the index page has the highest link A, B and then another page. Now you may want to emphasize any other page so that you can do it – you can create an internal link from that page to that page.
Internal linking google bot

In it, when google bot goes to your site and if he sees that a page is linked to multiple pages, then google bot will think why this page is not important, why so many links See how many matches of reality are with SEO? Suppose two people are in the election, then who will win? Yes, right, the vote that gets more will win. Similarly, links to web pages that have more links than their power.

In addition, you should take care of the following:
Links to every page should not work or should not break.
Every image should also be shown.
If there is an error in your page, then it will disappoint both the search engine and your visitor. Ask yourself, how do you feel when there is an error in a link?
Work carefully. If not, then the truth is true – as the fruit of karma.
Here you can check your page.
Always give accurate information about the search engine and visitor
Link to high authority sites. It may take a lot of time to think that do not follow follow link from home page.
But the real thing is that if the site is really relevant and useful, then backlinks in a hassle

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