As part of our study of India’s training center, we saw the websites, courses and courses of training centers in our country. After watching, I think that something about this should be written. In my mind, the word freelancer / freelancing is widely used and misused in our country. Most training centers are also giving priority to this in their training. Freelancing is really an independent career. Freelancing means that if we mean search engine optimization, data entry etc, then this is in fact inappropriate for the word. Freelancing is not bad, but we are focusing more about freelancing. Creating software is a complex task, making a good software for one is very difficult, if not very easy. Therefore freelancing software is more efficient than the industry which can create good and quality software. And then the money will come.

Cloud and big data is now booming around the world. Not long ago, when search engine optimization does not need any person. Meanwhile, many people have automated it, as well as many plug-ins can optimize the optimal search engine from humans using large data and machine learning. Therefore, day-to-day work-based jobs will be lost. So at the right time, we have organized our training in modern and time so that we can compete in the international market.

We believe that we too can be, and we can – I believe, believe in Dwikish, and we believe that God is omnipresent in all countries.

We hope that the training institutes that are going wrong, their thinking will change, they will also benefit, our IT industry will benefit, IT workers will benefit, and the country will get the maximum benefit.
There is no connection between functional rearmant software engineering

When we sat down to make a software, a document with details was given to us. There are two parts in this document. Functional Recurmate is a part of how a software works. There is also a section called non functional recurrence. When we hear the word “non-functional”, our brain tells us that this is a very unnecessary thing. And where we are under the pressure of functional reicharmnet, we can survive in such a way that we live. And so we do not read that part of the document anymore, stay away from working on it.

Then we tried to read all the thick old books of software engineering and learned how to implement their functional recurrence better. It seems that if we do not use software engineering then there will be many mistakes in our software, it will not work properly. But actually there is no connection to the functional Reicharmant with software engineering, there are no functional Reicharmenets.

Think once, it is possible to get the output by code, but anyway. Why do we code it? The reason is that our codes are mental, flexible. We are so scared about the architecture that the software is scalable, it is a robot, and it is a fault tolerant. Every formula, theory, rule of software engineering teaches us how we can achieve non functional repetition.

If we really want to work with software engineering, do not do non-functional repetition. Because software engineering is not only born to fulfill the functional recursive.

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