The biggest problem for the students of our country is not the goal or the small goal. To me it seems obnoxious. Many people do not know why they have been admitted to computer science. Again many people do not know what they want to achieve in life. If you go on the way, success can not be reached. So first have to decide – what I want to do in life, I want to be. I think it’s okay to show a big dream, but my dream is to believe 100% and work with that goal. When we think that I am happy if I get a good job, then good job is the most difficult thing for us. When I think, if you’re happy with getting a good CGPA, then getting a good CGPA can be difficult to reach Everest. Because then this goal is the end of your world and you are moving in that pace. So, not being a target is the biggest mistake, and the second big mistake of small goals is to make mistakes.

Then we have to eliminate bad habits from our lives. Excessive friendships, Facebook, games, traveling around, if time wasted, then success will not come. One thing we do not understand is that when I fall back, none of them will remember me. Everyone leaving me alone will be taken away. When I can stop wasting time, it will become a matter of money ahead of others.

Another thing is that many people are confused and should be doing competitive programming, software developments should be done. Both have to do both and I did the same. It gave me some benefits that are very valuable. Many people think that competitive programming is just for those who will do research or work in Google, Microsoft. That’s not right. Problems are solved and far-reaching thinking is useful in all areas of life, and algorithms are an important part of programming. They do a lot of work to do something different from others. Those who think the other one is the only resort, apart from problems in the career. I see those who are doing a competitive programming, they are involved in software engineering, and think that it takes some time to learn it. But algorithms are only 10% of the entire software engineering. It’s a mistake to make software and to think software engineering one thing. Those who are busy with making software, they forget again, it is difficult to build valuable software without having the knowledge of good algorithms, because everyone can do simple work.

Finally, many books will be read, many will have to be trained, many will have to do the code. People of our country can spend money on everything, but do not want to spend money to improve themselves. Thinking about buying a book, or when training, how much money will be lost. One must remember, in the 24 hours for everyone on the planet. Experiencing a big time machine can be nothing more than buying money. If a person makes a lot of mistakes, who has learned time to waste, if I can learn it for a little money, then I will go ahead in my life. The problem is, we do not know how to make the account better, so do not realize that if I can spend Rs. 20,000, I can earn more than Rs. 200,000 in life, then this is a big gain. If you do not improve yourself, everyone will go ahead, and I’ll be back in the same place. Because of the advancement of technology in today’s world, everyone is very competitive. For one job, 100+ fighters have been fighting. Under such circumstances, you need to improve as much as possible, and it will be done in a short time.

List of Daraa-

1) The goal of life should be fixed and the goal / dream should be big and work accordingly.

2) Stop wasting time. Facebook, chat, TV, movies, games will be cut short at the time.

3) Algorithm, both software engineering must be learned. Dangers in front of yourself, danger

4) Need to spend money to improve yourself. It’s an investment, which will give you the most profits. So read as much as you can, read the book.

5) Too many codes to do. It says everyone, so I did not say much differently. But if the hunger is to eat such foods, the programmer has to code. So there is no option to practice many coding.

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