Always remember, finding a job is very easy for software engineers.

Why? Because there are many software engineers in this sector’s job market. While jobs in other areas are declining, the information technology sector is flying like a rocket and many human resources are needed here. And so there are many jobs.

So why would you be so worried about getting the skills? The nature of information technology is such that if you are not skilled then you can not be employed. Even if the goal is vacant for hundreds of years, then your job can not be without skill here. The reason is simple – but if you take a job then you can not get a job, but if you do not do it then it will not work, both are the same, you do not have to pay your salary in the middle, Get tied up. If you have the skill, then getting water is as simple as water.

So what kind of skill do we call it here? You do not have to be a genius for a programmer’s job. If you have to find something or do something that is really great then you have to be talented, but most software engineers are not expected to do this in the job. These jobs are only expected that you know basic things well. But it has been observed that 90% of graduates are not doing well.

So what do you have to do now? First of all, you have to do some routine work every day and keep it up to yourself that you should always keep yourself updated with other programmers. You need to ensure that you eliminate the primary things and it will separate you from others. Check out the list below and make sure they are all ready-

Do you have a website or a blog that can be seen online (at least 15 to 20 required posts)
Do you have an account on StackOverflow, Jethb, Linkedin and do you have the appropriate amount of activity in it?
Do you know the names of some legendary software engineers and they know why they are so famous?
Have you read some good quality software engineering books?
Do you wear regular articles and blogs?
These are some things you can start with and if you have it then you will definitely get some extra benefits.

You can then verify that you know the following list item, so that you can understand the basics of software development that you know:

Do you know the main components of object-oriented programming? (E.g., polymorphism, encapsulation)
Do you know solid principles well?
What is the best idea about refactoring and code odor?
Do you know about Unit Test and TDD?
Do you use regular version control? Eg- git, svn
Do you know about the ACID properties of the database?
Primary key, unique key, foreign key do you know the difference between them?
What is a good idea about the creation of the generalization form?
Have a good idea about cross join, inner join, outreach etc.?
Did you know what’s new in HTML5, CSS3?
Do you know which new things have been added to the new version of the platform you want to work on? For example, if you are working on .Net, what’s new in the latest version of .NET?
Do you know the names of at least 5 types of UML diagrams and what are they used to do?
What is HTTP GET, POST, and what is the difference between them?
Quick sort, Bubble sort, BFS, DFS Do you know at least 4 algorithms?
Singleton, Observer, Builder, Prototype Patterns Do these 4 Design Paypers know at least?
Before going into the interview, you will have to consider the following important questions at least once

Why did you want to become a programmer?
What are your plans in the next 5 years?
How did you separate yourself from others?
Which weak aspect, or on what side can you improve yourself?
What are your comments about our company and why do you want to join here?
Think about some of the questions that you want the employer to do. But do not ask questions like a fool.
These are not such difficult questions, but a bunch of questions can be answered in the interview because it is difficult to think that the answer is fast.

. You can also print a screenshot to see some good things from the project, but do not keep them in the CV, put them in separate files. If you can not show the code from the pen drive to show it with print. If you can, run the project on the web so that you can be seen on the Internet.
Be careful about one more thing, it is better to not delay the first job. I am not asking you to join the job at the minimum wage, but many people guarantee job up to 2-5 thousand. Remember, this is your first job, whether it will be the last job or not. But in this way, those who leave the job, they have to work without much work for a long time and then the sadness surrounds them and gradually they retreat.

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