I can write a lot of lines, what are different people saying about this, how do I do it, but I try to convince you. Let’s say you want to reach a customer, consumer or customer. Therefore whatever you do can be called marketing. You can advertise the product, Mike, the poster can fill the city. These are sb marketing. Can I explain in less words? Now let’s talk about how to do marketing: If you come to your head, you will make soap. The best glass (the moon), the best tool and best worker and you make soap with lots of money. The packet is more beautiful, in the same way, orange beautiful soap. What should be done now? You have several options,

You can use that soap yourself
You can gift lover to a dozen people every week.
The showcase can be arranged to bring home.
You can reach soap to the general public.
Tired of four tones, laughing a reader sitting on top of Sitarse has become my bad habit. So what would you like? Which tool do you need most? Well, I know, you want that you use your soap man. Now my question is, your Saaban factory in Nigeria, home in Saudi Arabia, I am here, I know the ray of your soap, how can I hear it or how? Yes, this is a matter of marketing. You have to tell me the name of your product, athlete sheeter. Then I will not go to the shop, “Uncle Kamala Beautiful Soap”. What is the other way? Yes there is a road. It is quality marketing, it also markets in any way, but in this case you will not have to spend extra money, creating a product that is very unique. Then someone used it, and if they were happy, they would say something. In this way, every one of your customers will recognize it after a thousand years.

What is online marketing?
You have created a website, where you can buy membership with money and buy online chat. (Then Kadena!). Speaking of words, parents caught a site where shoes were found to buy. It will deliver you to the internet user, is not it? If you are the only visitor to your site, then what is the benefit! Maybe, after a while, you can tweet with twitter Twitter “What Binimal Ray”, but the modern economy will not see it as a profit. When you get the desired amount of visitor, you are successful, your product is being sold, and you are benefiting from it. Till then you fail, stay tired, do not be angry, there is reason behind saying you are worthless. Watch television, Indian TVS heard the name of Sky Sap, see this, I saw one of these products, Khoja Khaab auction, and the case is fake. I do not remember the name of the product, its work is made of muslin on your body. This means that you are happy to please the hero. To illustrate that this product is for you, many models of such models have been pulled for half an hour and they are going to advertise various temptations, with many voices, you will not believe, you are able to do this Understand that Chola! Hmm, I went to search, I knew the real event, but when I came to know it, but thousands of copies were selling tonic to make that muscle! Believe me? If there is no profit, should any company pay millions of advertisements on TV? So this is marketing, and marketing power, by marketing one kilogram of sugar with one kilo flour, it can be sold by packing up to one kilo of sugar and it can be sold for 5 thousand. If they do, then you can not bring your good product or website to the consumer or visitor, right?

How to do online marketing?
I will tell you how to do marketing! Marketing affiliate marketing in many ways is very profitable and easy.

With Ads: Banner Ed, Linked Ed, In Reach A New Site to the People! Suppose you have created a site today, then nobody knows that the tie is normal. So let’s look at this in a popular sauna and see if nobody knows the next day.
I doubt whether it can be dropped from the face or face online category. But think of a time when some sites are in your hands online But then, in this man’s face, there was a large site of one to five people. This is the beginning of the ecommerce giant “Amazon” but this is exactly the way.
Search engine optimization: Big sites (excluding social engines), even on my site, I would like to take 70 percent of the visitor’s pie search engine. And this is the biggest thing after the quality of a site. Many people write techunes, find many articles. (Although I’m scared, some people know that, some people are familiar with the idea of ​​collecting links, search engine optimization is a very sensitive issue, do not know whether there is a bad backlink and you can get a lot of banking Are)
Email marketing
Email marketing is an online marketing method through which you can promote your products and services and promote your site. At present, small and big companies from different countries of the world are increasing their income through this method.

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