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The approach programming language is similar to learning. This is the reason that will be difficult, but to learn new things. However, after knowing that the work will start after. Every week to learn some new things. Many of the structures, here everyone will be able to know all at once. can not remember. Continue to work together to find out more. Project 12, you will not be able to catch your own mistakes. 0-30 pm every project, but the project will be able to clarify much, there are not the same quality. To be better than code Projektae, more time should be less. The goal is set to begin a new project. Together, the same ideology can do anything with friends or colleagues.

3) Object Oriented Programming has become very clear about the concept. We’re sorry, the more difficult it is to be easier said than done. People want to help or suggest on this issue in our country, I see less. Since the pressure in our industry, therefore this topic is to play every now and again. And so many of the senior, but this time or experience can not get. But to continue to pay the entire industry toll. I hope to be aware of our industry soon. I was 12 years later, I understand that this was wrong first. These are very difficult to find reasons manually. Learning to use in training and reading good books. You can not learn much from YouTube. Seminaragulo can see it, I can learn more from seminaragulo. Basic is actually nothing of the other video. It can not tell anyone is still the best blog or website. Just the same basics, and the blog site, which is easy to learn. But a praktikela is not available with knowledge. This will work a lot.

4) A lot of books will be read. The blog will be read. The more you can learn to read. This will give you more time to learn. I just know that if you work with any of the 100 projects that will not improve. Learn a lot of new things and books. Professional training can take, it will take very little time, so the teacher will take good to know. Those people who do not get the results that we are trained, they really are not able to see the skill of the teacher trained. Teacher training that will be verified before they took her skills to You can go to the seminar, but here’s the same formula, who can know the president first.

5) The money will be used to make money. As a result, they are the issue that you do not know how to hastime. What a terrible kipatami obtained knowledge we do! Remember, knowledge is impossible without spending money. Needless to say, do not waste, but is not unnecessary kipatami. You can keep a monthly budget, such as 1000 paisa. This is not only charged to your career.

6) And as soon as they come out to know about new technologies. After all, if you learn you will be ahead of everyone in life learn later. First of all you have to know. When first sikhabenai out There are many reasons to get help in trouble, but more and more improvements will be taken, and will also be taken. Now hot topics as blakaceina market. Work with it. Cloud Computing, Big Data is still hot, and will not be expected for a long time, those people do not have to delay working.

Which you can do to become a good software engineer

1) Many of the steps we have reached so far. It may take longer. But anyhow it gets. But at this level, we go into trouble. Here you have to study issues, do not like it karai. This area is not available to learn the results. In many cases, it seems that the opposite result is. It is common to give up. Software engineering is very broad. And new things are being added every day. The seminar is being done continuously about the conference. However, people who understand that it is very interesting.

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