15) Linux, Sun Solaris: Linux, which they learned primarily in the last semester of the University, worked better later on to work. My first job was on the Linux platform.

16) PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, Prado: These topics are flawed in the last semester of the university. Like the PHP course, the rest of the people have learned hobbies. My first job was to learn Prado Framework so that before joining the job.

17) Variance Control: I first know the first thing about this issue. I started with CVS, but here I came to know about SVN from a blog at TopCoder.com and I started using it myself, gave recommendations for the use of the office; In the second zodiac, some visual sources use the safe, but SVN is more used. When I started my business, Git started using it. In my company, it started as standard, from the second year of the organization. Are still using it. I am using a turtle trick as a customer.

18) JQuery, JSON: I did not get this for most of the time, it seems that it finally came and I started using it. First I used other frameworks. After coming to JQuery, they are almost extinct, so there is no benefit, but they have a lot of time to learn.

19) Silverlight: In the middle of the job some bahatghati was made, but I was not interested in giving too much time behind it, I think I did a wise job. Because it also disappeared.

20) Asp.Net MVC, Xamarin, WCF, Ninject, Log4net, Nhibernet, Entity Framework: From the first year of the organization, we started project development using the Asp.Net MVC framework. And 3 years of Xamarin is to create an iOS app before our web services were created with WCF. However now the web API has arrived. Ninject I is used for Dependency Injection. Now there are many more structures. Log4net was my choice as Error Logger. I still use, but now there are many more new frameworks. I use Nhibernet and Entity Framework as an ORM. But I still like the stored procedure.

21) HTML5: It starts with a 3 year business.

22) cumin, Confluence: I started using cumin seeds in a 3-year business before using another tool for project management. Still using cumin seeds. Use confluence as a document wiki. But started using it two years ago.

23) Cloud Computing: For my own business organization, I started working with cloud computing. At first I researched this and then my team members taught and motivated work on this subject to learn it. I did not want to start with Azure earlier because they were not serving in Bangladesh, so I went to AWS and I still use it. Knowing this cloud has proved to be very beneficial for me. This skill helped me to gain clients and then become a consultant in the American company. Now I am using AZS along with Azure and Google Cloud. But the next two hours could not be finished yet. There is a desire to give God time in this year. By achieving this skill it is possible for me to be trained in this field. As there is no other training in this country, so many people are contacting me for training in this regard. A few days ago (June 2018) I completed a corporate training on this topic in the Samsung R & D Institute Bangladesh.

24) Unit Testing and Mocking framveroc: Object Oriented Design, UML, Design Pattern, Even when I was in trouble I started reading books, but I did not understand how it works. Again, I did not have Youtube, Stackoverflow, Facebook etc. (at least we did not know in Bangladesh). So I did not give up. After a long time, I started researching my business institution and again. Many times, it is very easy to understand the matter through error. When I joined as an advisor in an American company, my second duty was in the unit testing team. There I lead the team and I have guided the unit test for them. Still using it there. One day the senior vice president of the company directly praised me on this issue and asked others to train on this matter. This is because many foreign programmers also do not know how to properly test unit testing. And it was very important for the company. They are now able to make $ 1 billion market capitalization and are one of the Fortune 500 companies. Unit Testing has worked as an important policy behind their success. What I learned or used when working with Unit Testing: VS Test, Enunit, Mok, MS Fake, Shoulder, Ninjet MQ etc.

25) Docker: After leaving the Unit Testing Team, I began to learn Dock as my own wish. In a few days I got an opportunity to work on this issue and I do not have freedom.

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