Coming next English. It is very important to be a good software engineer. Many people think of biting Bengali texts, or videos. There is no way, there is no way. You should be skilled at reading, writing, saying, English 3. However, there is no need for writing or writing skills like literary writing. But pure, clear English desperate. To enhance efficiency in this regard, reading English books and National Geographic Type TV channels will increase the practice of watching English videos on YouTube. But read things and learn and try to understand and write English carefully. Many times we write English but are wrong, but do not care. Friends understand your writing and words grammar and spelling, but it will not work for the client. And if other software engineers talk to foreign teams if they do not understand you or you do not understand them then you will not be able to use a good software engineer. Since it will take time to form, so if you want to make a good software engineering career then it will be very important in English.

Now let’s come to the core,

The way I am looking at career steps:

1) Good programmer

2) Good software developer

3) Good software engineer

4) Good Software Architect

Whatever you can do to become a good programmer:

1) You can try to understand the details of the programming language as much as possible. Many people are somewhat complicated to avoid the subject of pointer, threading, events, etc. Halfway if you do not know that features will never be used in life. You will find that very few programmers in our industry write code using Professional Life Pointer, Threading, Events. They always think that there was no scope for them to use them in their work, despite doubts about the avoidance of these subjects, they did not recognize them. You need to know that you are learning programming, from where you can learn all the features. If there are no covers in the university or training center, the rest will have to learn in their own interest.

2) Computer fundamental, discrete math, data structure, algorithm will be well learned. I think these subjects are taught in a good university in the classroom, if students learn it carefully then enough is enough. Some say that many things are not taught in the university, Sir can not be understood properly etc. But I also noticed that students do not learn these things from their own interest in class. The people who contribute, as much enthusiasm as they are in this class or after learning about these things, I feel that what is taught in the classroom is enough. If the heads do not understand, then there are many good videos on the internet, from there we have many more to learn and practice. The books which are taught in class usually have many lessons behind the books, they can solve their interest and show them to the head. Or you can solve some friends together. Get friends who are good and serious in programming. Do not waste unnecessary time with people who do not like programming.

3) Too much practice. That’s all, but how to practice. Algorithm problems can be solved, initially it will be very useful. Solve at least 300 problems. For this you have to eliminate the first two numbers. If you want to create small software, you just do not need to learn the settings. People use a lot of software, which runs on the console. Hangman, Ticketto, Ludu, etc. can create games like this. You can create more complex software with reading / writing data in a text file, like point of sale, inventory management. Even MLM software was built.

To become a good software developer, you can:

1) At least two years of university life must start thinking about careers. After going to the third stage of better cancer than before, if the patient tells the doctor, the doctor will not return, but we know that it does not work too much. You need to choose a platform for software development. Just like what kind of software you are interested in. There can be a shortcut and longterm round here. But it is variable but if you understand the mistake then it is important to change quickly. To get an idea about this, you need to do yoga work with the job and it should be done from the second year. In this you will know what you need to know about the type of job and about his celery, or some companies work on those platforms to work on this platform. It is important to be important. If you are knowing these things, then you will be far ahead of others. Because to get this idea, you have to regulate regular year on 1 year job site. After passing someone else, this idea can not be found in 1-2 months.

Then list them here. Then think about it. If you have a Confusion then ask Expert. Clear your thoughts in this way. In this you can understand what to do after applying, what to know, what to learn, what to learn, what to learn and what your career can be.

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