26) Continuous integration / continuous distribution: When I was a consultant in the American company, my biggest goal was to learn from those things which can not be learned in our country. First of all, they can not be fully understood by reading books. In practical situations, the bookstore does not work very easily. From the beginning of the consultation, I started working with continuous integration, although this was not my main responsibility. Because everything in that company is controlled with continuous integration / continuous distribution. That’s why I have to use them as architect from the beginning. And then there was not a separate team for that because the company was even smaller. But after that a different team was formed and after finishing work with Docker, I got a chance to join the team. I was not free because there was no other way to know about it. I am still working as a consultant architect in that team. AWS, what I have to learn outside the Docter, Kubernets, Jervis, Jenkins, TeamCity, and more in front of Ansabil, terraform will look more profound, now light knows this.

27) Blockchen: For some time I started working on blockchain. My biggest interest is to work on it now. We have already made some DAP with atherium. But do not live and you want to make a new crypto currency. But due to lack of time, I am progressing slowly.

28) What I want to learn in front of me: VR programming with Microsoft Hololens, drone programming, robotics, call learning, although I had long wanted to learn about these issues, due to lack of time, I could not learn. Because I now run my business. As the owner of an organization, I want to see it first, another member of the team can work with technology, but my main responsibility as CEO is to manage the business. There are many things to do, plans, business meetings, team meetings etc. That’s why I can not spend much time with technology However, due to my interest in this subject, I am constantly learning and hope that I will work with the above issues in Shu Allah.

I want to end here. But listen to something very seriously. There is so much technology in the present world that what I know is actually 10% and is it in doubt. But I can move forward due to some major skills –

Basic concepts in English, programming, object-oriented programming (OOP theory, design pattern, UML, architecture), software testing, docker, cloud computing. And the rest I know is that its contribution is undoubtedly supporting me with HTML, JavaScript, Linux shell scripting, but can not come in Lime Light. There are many things in which there is thin thin learning which I have forgotten or have not joined or are not interested in mentioning them.

Keep in mind that if you want to make yourself successful in this list, then it will not be. I got success like myself Similarly, you will not get it, it can not be. You have to choose your own path with your intelligence and position. If this does not work then there will be no work from the list, because no one has given me the list. I shared it so that you tried to give some ideas to those people who actually need to use some things. If you have a habit of it, then share it with your friends so that they also benefit.

There are so many things that I can write that I can not remember at this time, or I have not avoided trying to go deeper. I think that what I wrote will give some ideas to anyone and if someone can do them, then I think that I could give it as much as possible from a lesson. There is no end to learning. If I can learn everything after a post, then I will be most happy. Many will have to learn, many will have to read, many will have to know. Start here, but the end is not here. I have written a lot about frustration and direction on the career and today I write about it. I do not know whether it is good or bad, but to come forward without any hesitation in our situation is my main purpose. Maybe better than me, many people who read this article can get a lot to add to it, so again we all have to come forward. If someone is disappointed in my writing, then someone commented, but my attempt was successful, because of my writing, he shared the issue which he probably did not do.

Can you tell me if there is any question about careers or not?

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