Here you have to read many books about software engineering. There are many books for how to require analysis, how to estimate, how to design, how to manage a team, or how to work the team. They should be read, training is very little in our country, but it is not. If you can get training, you can do it (the same thing is to be good and efficient). Watch online courses or videos. At this level, you will have the mentality to open your hands and spend money. Nothing is free here. You have crossed the basic level. Now if you look at money, it will not be easy to come in front of you. Now you have time to become an expert. Learn more, earn more money, and spend more money on learning about that money.

When you come to this stage, you do not really need to get too many suggestions from me. You will understand what you have to do. If you do not do this then it does not matter.

But those who are new but want to see their future, OOP, design patterns, architecture, methodology, software development process, software testing, continuous integration, dockers, cloud computing, IoT, big data, these topics can come back in time. But if new people take this stage for the next 4-5 years, then some things can change in this list. But hopefully they will stay for the next 10 years or at least 5 years.

It is not that you do not use them in software development. Overlap between both software development and software engineering. However, the experienced software engineers can provide a lot of education and time compared to developing these issues, they can be called Senior Developer or Team Lead. You have to learn these steps to come to this stage.

It is very difficult to flick these things alone. Those who started freelancing at the beginning of the career, I think it is very difficult for them to come to this position. There is no substitute for working in the team, but the team can be a remote team. But learning when remote can be a bit tricky. Because there is usually a slightly different idea in the remote team. If you are a good company and your team has a skilled person in this case, you will learn very soon. These things alone are actually inhuman work. I had to work hard at the beginning of my career so I know about this matter. But it will not be released. If we learn from our own efforts, then they can teach others that we can fulfill the responsibility. After learning these things, we left the country and told the benefits of selling it and paid money by sharing it on Facebook, but there are very few people who share this skill for the country. And so now there is a shortage of people to teach them. So if you can expect to learn, but do not worry about your life, think only about the country. There is no problem going abroad, but it is hoped that people of the country will have the mentality to share their knowledge.

Whatever you can do to become an architect of good software, you can

1) Now you have gone to the second height. Now experience is your biggest asset. You have crossed all the things in the past, now with the experience of finalizing them, you have to make something new or solve a complex problem. From time to time we hear that a pilot has experienced 7,000,000 hours of flying. Think about how often he was planning. Now there is a lot for you. How many softwares you have designed in life, how many software problems have been solved, those skills will now be tested. Depending on you, many profit losses You can be bankrupt for your mistakes, one organization, many people can die.

2) In this phase you will not have to pay attention to the code. There are many people who can not code well, they say that many times, I want to be architecture, so I do not have to know the code well. It’s like a kidnapper. The small code that does not work properly, there is no question of being architectural, it is seeing day-to-day. I believe there may be someone who may be able to show it, but I do not consider such a great person here, and it is better not to be brilliant as an example in life.

Here you will be responsible for issues of software engineering after a whole day. You can code the hobby, it is not your main responsibility, but depending on the roadmap or instruction given by you, the whole team will work. So you are playing the Army General Army here.

3) To be an architect, you have to do a lot of work abroad in the country. To work a lot with enterprise-level software. Hundreds of programmers have to work with the team. The conference will be held abroad, seminars will be organized in the country. I think there is no training in this country yet. So learn to go abroad. You have to interact with other software engineers and architects abroad, exchange ideas.

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