I was 3.00 in the first semester I got 3.89. What is the problem, sweat sweat went away. I still have not learned programming. Other friends got 3.90+ points. Some of them found 4.00. I was very disappointed. What to do? I realized that I am not a good student. I have a big tiger too

After the start of programming in the second semester, after the start of competitive programming in the third semester, my head got worse like others, I started a scuffle with the course. Just started to solve problems.

In 2 years 3.48 my CGPA Hall is unaffected. One day I was studying with a classmate in the library. He was not my good friend. A little mad Kisim went to the semester intro and team. It was very mixed, so it was mixed.

On that day he asked my CGPA in words. When I heard my CGPA, he commented that the CGPA was less for me, more was to be done. Its CGPA is 3.82 something like this. And that is not so good, Fakizar I said, no matter, we will throw CGPA forward. He said, it is not possible, the CGPA will come down further. CGPA never goes.

I challenged and said that it is possible to increase it. He also challenged that if I can show that my CGPA has increased in the next semester then they will give me a burger. I took the challenge Before the semester ended, he transferred the credit and moved abroad.

The challenge could stop here only. The way we talk to the crowd, then forget it. But alhamdillullah, my attention is good. I do not say to say I have taken the matter seriously.

I saw that I was losing CGPA. I sat, we started compactive programming more aggressively but started to study the exams properly. I started to realize how much time I can revisor, how can I remember once. It has happened, I have read many courses in the exam night. Many times I’ve been in the bus. I went on the stairs before going to take the exam. This was the main time of my reading of that time.

Competitive programming and thus I did an innovative work with intelligence. Competition in the Hole and Competitive Program enhances my intellect and thinking. And using it, I tried to understand that Sir could ask questions in the exam. I do not even know how to write it. I just hacked the exam. But this does not mean that I did not learn anything from the courses. With all these applications, I am doing a great deal by increasing my empowerment, thinking ability, intelligence, short time, not only by increasing the programming program but also by increasing it. And along with that I was also working on unique software development. As I became proficient in this way, I came to know more about university education, and I am dying.

But the thing is not that I was brilliant. I had to work with many pressures. Before each trial, I thought there was no other way than to drop it, because nothing has been done. How can we know that Allah knows how to remove it, I think that my other friends and seniors were far superior to me. And they got good results too, and more complicated programming was even better. So the matter for me was not something new. I think we got out of the least CGPA.

In this way almost every semester started coming to me 4.00 or closer. But CGPA does not grow anymore. After receiving the first 4.00, think that a stroke can occur between 3.48 and 3.55. Hole 3.49 What has been so good after two years, I was so scared of taking my CGPA to its initial target 3.75 that I had accepted that I would get 3.75. But I won a bet. I have never taken CGPA less than that day every time

Finally, my CGPA 3.74 ended. My goal for just 0.01 is not complete. The thought in which I got this tragic head, she thinks I can come close to it. The interesting thing was that one of my courses was going to change the credit. Due to a change in the university course, I went to the admin room, changed it to give me a new transcript, where I wrote 3.75, I saw a lot of paper, then laugh. I used to think that the world is so weird.

Finally, I got 3.755, which was the goal of my first semester to get out of this. Even then, when it comes to remembering the subject, it seems that when people try to reach their goal, then they get there with such a frenzy phenomenon. God makes arrangements.

This is one of the many exciting events of my life. If that temporary friend did not challenge me that day, then maybe the turn of my life would not change like this. CGPA has not done any work in my life, but it was definitely a fulfilling goal to be completed.

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