I have heard many questions that will learn any programming language, learn a framework, what will learn from a software engineer, what address, etc. It is seen from this that many people do not know what to learn in the vast field of software engineering or software development. It seems that no one gives you complete consideration, and you are also hesitant even after not having a complete thought that you are in a state really and you need to go far away. So today I have decided to give you some thoughts on this topic.

The first thing is that no one asks you why you want to know the answer to the question? In fact the software development domain is so vast that nobody will dare to give you the full list. it’s not possible. Second, you do not give this list because you can find your own domain, no one can influence you. Third, seeing such a large domain, you are not stunned and do not start extra stress in the beginning, so you can know when it takes you on the way. Many of these reasons do not tell you the whole thing. Many people do not take full views about themselves because they work with their own small domains.

How can I help you now? I thought, students of our country are not able to know more than just a few keywords or techniques. Naturally they do not reach the information in their ears. I can not say in a post about the entire software engineering and domain of software development, and I have not been able to locate the whole domain myself, so I should not try it, but I have used myself, learned and I have learned and want to learn, I am trying to present them to you today. Hopefully your disappointment will be a little away.

I will share my learning and knowing things in different categories and they can actually be ordered in some ways. As I write in the CV, I keep my skills first in cloud computing, because this is my most valuable skill and I can be the greatest attraction in the world market. But in the peak order it will come very later. Therefore, we should look into this issue. I will start my sequence because it will be more beneficial for you because you want to learn issues. Let’s start–

1) Primary Mathematics: I learned it in school. Learning lessons from class 10, I have never done this in daily programming. Mathematics was further extended to college and university.

2) English: I have learned it in school too, and in college and university, it has been better understood.

3) Computer Fundamental: I learned it from the first semester of my university.

4) Data structure: I learned it from the second semester of my university

5) C programming language: I learned it in the second semester of the university.

6) C ++ programming language: I learned it at the 3rd semester of the university. In this semester I started competitive programming and at the end of the university I joined

7) Algorithm: I learned it at the University’s third semester

8) JAVA and SOAP: It was revealed that the University’s 5th semester

9) Oracle Database and SQL: I learned it in the 5th semester of the university.

10) Work with C #, Asp.Net, SQL Server and Visual Studio: I have learned it in the 6th semester of the university, followed by a course in the 8th semester of the University. Asp.Net plays an important role in my career and I still see myself working on this ASP.Net. This is what I chose as a career.

11) Flash and Action Script: This is what I have learned in the 6th semester of the university.

12) HTML, XML and CSS: I learned it in the 6th semester of the university, later given a course in the final semester and web development name.

13) Javascript: I learned it at the 6th semester of the university

14) Object Oriented Design, UML, Design Pattern: This study was done in detail while doing a course in 3 years, but during the third semester of C ++, Sir had encouraged me to read two books in advance. Books were 2nd: Head Design Design and Great Off Gang of Four. But reading this book several times, I did not really understand anything in university life. Because there was no one to explain to me, Youtube, Stackoverflow, Facebook or any other good forum was not there at that time. So I understood what I read, but after trying I tried it. In the third year of my job life, I feel the need to make my reusable code library. And while I do this I understand my mistakes and step by step I understand the issues. It took me almost 5 years to understand these things roughly. Later, more work was done to work. After 10 years, I think that things I understand. But there is still a lot to learn.

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